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Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors Bios

Eric Grimes / Brother Shomari

Eric K. Grimes | Brother Shomari is an activist, organizer, author, speaker, training professional and educator focused on developing consciousness-raising and transformative learning experiences for those committed to overcoming oppression, injustice, and racism. Through his community-building efforts–BEING BLACK and Raising Our Villages To Power (ROV2P)–he aims to help move information to wisdom to guide coordinated, wise action, grounded in the principles of SANKOFA, and a belief that the Black Diaspora must educate, socialize and teach our own people and control our own narratives if we want true social justice.


Shane Mayo

Shane Mayo currently serves as the Manager of Administrative Services for Philadelphia Gas Works’ Information Services Department. Shane earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. He leads our Finance Committee, oversees the budget process, and monitors all financial transactions. 


Charles Young
Charles Young is a lifelong West Philadelphia resident who is passionate about his community. He has been an active member of the HMC Squared Community Association for over a decade. He is one of the founding members of the Friends of Carroll Park, a group of residents who came together about five years ago to promote a healthy, safe, clean public space.


Eloise Young

Eloise Young currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, the largest area agency on aging in Pennsylvania; Life Turning Point of Philadelphia, which provides food, shelter, and life skills training to women experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia; and the Energy Co-op of Pennsylvania, a nonprofit that promotes energy efficiency and provides renewable energy to its members. 

Staff Bios

Martha Griffin

Farm Director


Martha is a community organizer and realtor who brings 20+ years of professional problem-solving experience and skill to our team. She keeps us organized and leads our fundraising efforts.   

Tosheena Hagin

Assistant Farmer

Our assistant farmer is a Mill Creek resident and comes from a long line of home growers. Inspired by her ancestors and with a passion for growing, Tosheena decided to share this passion with the community.
Her spirit and devotion to her community shine through in the work that she does.

James Tanner

Assistant Farmer

James has farming experience in Arizona and PA.  He's passionate about growing and enjoys the outdoors. He has done an amazing job bringing our greenhouse to life!

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